Bridge to Equity

Extend Your Runway

Equity investors often use time to their advantage while you’re burning through cash. With Venbridge’s bridge to equity loans, your money will be in the bank in just 10 days from your approval and you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Bridge Financing to Increase Your valuation

  • It can take weeks, or even months from a Letter of Intent (LOI) to cash in the bank. If you’re burning cash, we can help with a bridge loan to give you time to finalize your equity raise.
  • If you’re a SaaS founder concerned about the ownership of your company and you have accelerating growth, delaying your equity round may significantly increase your valuation. Minimizing your dilution in the early stages can mean more money in the bank later. Our bridge financing allows you to show investors that your revenue growth is sustainable when you’re ready for an equity raise.


  • LOAN SIZE: From $100k to $1.5M
  • FAST: Receive funds in as little as 5 business days
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Delay your equity raise and increase your company’s value
  • NON-DILUTIVE: Don’t lose equity to grow your business
  • SIMPLE: Standard loan documentation which is easy to understand


  • No warrants or equity kickers
  • Principle holiday & deferred interest for a better funding solution
  • Light covenants


  • Established company with a solid historical performance
  • Revenue of more than $200,000/yr
  • Clear capital raising plan
  • Company more than 2 years old
  • LOI or term sheet preferred
  • SR&ED, IRAP, Interactive Digital Media or other tax credit preferred

Get Non-Dilutive

And Negotiate from a Position of Strength

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