Why You Should Focus Your SaaS Marketing Budget on Customer Retention

Reading time: 7 minutes. For any business, losing a customer means losing money. Growing early-stage companies need a steady flow of income to pay for their day-to-day. Beyond that, if your SaaS company is looking for equity funding or debt financing, you’ll also need to show strong customer acquisition and retention numbers to entice investors to bet … Read more

How to Know If Your SaaS Is Ready for A Capital Raise And How to Prepare for It

Reading time: 8 minutes SaaS startups are always concerned with having enough capital to build out their tech and grow. Being prepared for a capital raise takes time and thoughtful planning. Before reaching out to potential investors, there are important steps you should take to make sure you and your company are raise-ready. But First, is … Read more

SaaS and Churn Rate: A Guide to Get You Funded

Reading Time: 14 minutes If you’re a SaaS startup, chances are you’ve got an entire list of metrics or KPIs your team is watching. These help you gauge how well you’re doing and can help you assess if your company is growing – and how fast. If you’re a savvy startup, one of the most important … Read more

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