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Are there tax credits you do not finance?2019-12-11T14:50:47-05:00

Venbridge will finance most Canadian Federal or Provincial government programs. If you have a SR&ED claim or Digital Media Tax Credit claim, or any one of the many other government grants and incentives we will most likely finance it. The notable exception is film tax credits. We don’t finance it ourselves but work with a strategic partner which we would be happy to introduce you to.

What is the minimum and maximum amount you will loan?2019-12-11T14:50:47-05:00

Officially there is no minimum or maximum. In general, if you have tax credits, grants or refunds of less than $100,000, it is too small for us. If you would like debt financing of more than $1M, it is a bit too big for us to do by ourselves. We do syndicate loans and work with our partners if you have a need for a $1M+ debt facility.

Do you provide financing outside of Canada?2019-12-11T14:50:46-05:00

No. In the future, we plan to expand to other countries, but for now, we are only supporting companies in Canada.

Do you have a strategic partner program?2019-12-11T14:50:17-05:00

Yes.  Our goal is to help grow Canadian companies and other companies with the same goal are welcome as partners.  Our partnership program ranges includes many types of companies such as SR&ED consultants, accounting firms, sales agents, trade organizations, other lenders, and venture capital companies.

Will you finance a first time SR&ED filer?2019-12-11T14:49:38-05:00

Generally, we do not finance a first-time SR&ED claimant. However, if you have undergone a corporate restructuring, are a spin-off starting out, or have a venture capital investment, we most likely will be able to provide you with financing.

Can I continue to use my existing SR&ED consultant?2019-12-11T14:49:37-05:00

Absolutely! We want you to continue the relationship you have built. If you select our accrued tax credit financing option, we will work closely with your consultant to track the SR&ED projects throughout the year. If you wish, Venbridge can also provide the consulting services as part of the financing.

What happens if my SR&ED claim is reduced or denied by the CRA?2019-12-11T14:49:37-05:00

After a CRA review, there is a chance your claim will be reduced or, in the rare circumstance, denied completely. Whatever the scenario, Venbridge will work with you to repay the financing and champion your cause with the CRA. It may take longer to repay the financing or the repayment may come from your following year’s SR&ED claim. We like to be flexible and will work with you to determine a plan that makes sense.

Do you provide SR&ED consulting?2019-12-11T14:49:36-05:00

We do not provide stand-alone consulting services for SR&ED or any other government tax credit or grants. However, we know a lot about them so feel free to ask us for a bit of advice.

Can you help me find a SR&ED consultant?2019-12-11T14:49:36-05:00

Yes. We have relationships with many SR&ED consultants in Canada. We would be glad to make a recommendation depending on your needs.

My last SR&ED claim has been reviewed. Would this hurt my chances of being approved for SR&ED financing?2019-12-11T14:49:35-05:00

On the contrary, having a successful SR&ED claim review reduces risk and therefore lowers the interest rate. However, if your claim adjustment rate was relatively high, it may affect the size and cost of the loan.

Can I combine SR&ED with other tax credits for a bigger loan?2019-12-11T14:49:35-05:00

Yes. We can talk about combining your SR&ED with other tax credits, grants or even recurring revenue to give you the capital you need to grow your business.

I have a SaaS business that I’m trying to expand, can you finance my monthly recurring revenue?2019-12-11T14:48:59-05:00

Yes. If you have a SaaS company with a proven track record, we can provide a SaaS Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) loan 4 to 10 times the size of your MRR.

What are the minimum requirements for an MRR loan?2019-12-11T14:48:59-05:00

Generally, we ask for a minimum recurring revenue of $30k per month or $300k per year, high gross margins, low churn, and a clear growth trajectory.

Do you provide venture capital or equity investing?2019-07-08T10:36:02-04:00

We do not make equity investments. In fact, our goal is to provide you with funding that is non-dilutive so you can retain more of your company. We do have close relationships with many high net worth individuals and venture capital firms and would be happy to make an introduction.

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