Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits

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Get The Most Out Of The Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit Program

Most gaming and digital media companies have a combination of SR&ED-eligible expenditures and Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit expenditures, but it often takes years to receive your tax refund. At Venbridge we provide the financing critical to funding your development and success. The cost of debt financing is far less than other sources of capital for almost all successful gaming and digital media companies.

How The Digital Media Tax Credits Program Works

Simple process

We will work with your existing consultant or your internal team to file a quality Digital Media & SR&ED claim

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Once you have received a certificate of eligibility, we will finance a significant portion of the approved amount

recurring revenue

Venbridge IDMTC Financing gets you funded fast


  • FAST: Receive funds within a few weeks
  • COST EFFECTIVE: While there is a cost to the loan, if you compare it to the cost of equity, the loan is usually much less expensive
  • SIMPLE: Standard loan documentation which is easy to understand


  • No warrants or equity kickers
  • Senior or subordinate debt
  • Light covenants


  • Minimum $150,000 Digital Media claim
  • If you have a track record of success, Venbridge will finance your development from the start
  • If you don’t have significant revenue, we want to see significant investment in the company

Grow Your Digital Media Company With Non-Dilutive Financing​

Digital Media Refund Rates

British Columbia Rate: 17.5%, Fee: $1k to $5k BC Company. Wages paid to BC residents. Product must educate, inform or entertain and present information in at least 2 of text, sound or images
ManitobaRate: 40%, Fee: $0 Permanent establishment in Manitoba. Minimum 25% of total salaries paid to Manitoba residents
Newfoundland & Labrador Rate: 40%, Fee: $0 Permanent establishment in NL. Primary purpose to educate, inform or entertain in at lease 2 of text, sound or images.
Nova Scotia Rate: 17.5% to 50%, Fee: $0 Permanent establishment in NS. Company primary purpose is to develop interactive digital media products.
OntarioRate: 35%, Fee: $100 to $2k Permanent establishment in ON. Products must entertain or educate children under the age of 12 and present information in at least 2 of text, sound or images
Prince Edward Island Rate: 25%, Fee: $0 Permanent establishment in PEI.
QuebecRate: 26.25% to 37.5% $116 to $58k Permanent establishment in Quebec. Business focused on multimedia title production. Must include 3 of text, sound, fixed images or animated images