4 Questions to Ask When Scaling your Tech Company

Questions To Ask When Scaling Your Tech Company

Reading time: 5 minutes Businesses go through many stages throughout their life. Startups can move incredibly quickly between phases of development, growth, and preparation for the future. Although growth is a natural part of operating any business, scaling your company is what will help you take your ideas to the next level.  According to the … Read more

Funding 101: A Quick Guide to Alternative Lending

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Reading time: 5 minutes. Alternative lending refers to the many ways loans are provided to businesses and individuals without a traditional bank. From invoice financing to SR&ED, alternative lending makes it easier for companies with shorter track records, less collateral, or an immediate need for funds to access a loan.  As a global technology shift continues, the … Read more

Can you receive funding from both IRAP and SR&ED? (the short answer is yes!)

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Reading time: 5 minutes If you’re a small or medium-sized business in Canada, government initiatives exist to support your growth and innovation. Whether it’s a new type of software or advanced manufacturing technology, one of the government’s goals is to help Canadian businesses take their ideas to market. This supports wealth creation and economic growth … Read more

Canadian Business Grants for Startups 101: How to Determine and Apply for your Funding Solution

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Reading time: 4 minutes There are hundreds of government and private grants available to small companies and startups in Canada. These financing options assist ventures without entrepreneurs needing to give up equity or take out high-interest loans. Companies can use these grants to hire and train employees, improve R&D, advertise, purchase equipment, etc. However, grants … Read more

4 Signs It’s Not The Right Time For An Equity Raise

4 Signs its not the right time for an equity raise

For most startups, raising capital is necessary to grow bigger, faster, and stronger than your competitors’ product offerings. And while the argument for raising capital is quite strong, an equity round is not always the right answer. If you think you’re ready to pursue investors, you need to take a hard look at your business … Read more