SR&ED Financing

maximize your sr&ed credits and operating cash

Venbridge’s SR&ED financing provides you with cash when you invest in the R&D. We can fund before you file or after you file your claim.

If you’re working with a SR&ED consultant, Venbridge is happy to work with them to quantify your SR&ED expenditure. Venbridge will also combine the consulting within the financing so you don’t have to worry about filing a claim at the end of the year.

SR&ED financing is the cornerstone of Venbridge. Our service is the best, fastest, and has more flexibility than any other speciality financing company.

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how SR&ED financing works

  • Venbridge will finance your filed or unfiled SR&ED credits
  • Loan can be either a term loan or revolving credit facility
  • We will work with your existing consultant, your internal team, and help you file a quality claim


  • Minimum $100,000 SR&ED claim or $15,000 per month in SR&ED-eligible expenditures
  • A three or more year track record of SR&ED filing
  • If you don’t have significant revenue, we want to see significant investment in the company
  • SR&ED is refundable
  • Venbridge has a first priority security on the SR&ED and a general security agreement


  • FAST: Receive funds in as little as 3 days
  • COST EFFECTIVE: While there is a cost to the loan, if you compare it to the cost of equity, the loan is usually much less expensive
  • SIMPLE: Standard loan documentation which is easy to understand
  • Interest is accrued and paid only when the loan is repaid


  • The term loan is repaid when the CRA issues a notice of assessment. The revolving loan continues in perpetuity and allows you to borrow against both your filed and unfiled SR&ED
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there are three questions that determine eligibility

  1. What scientific or technological uncertainties did you attempt to overcome?
  2. What work did you perform to overcome the scientific of technological uncertainties?
  3. What scientific or technological advancements did you achieve?

The key to a successful claim is (a) clearly defining the answer to question #1, demonstrating that the solution was not readily available and (b) documenting the steps and time you took to address the issue.

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sr&ed assets

SR&ED is one of the few assets a technology company can leverage for financing. At Venbridge we understand the challenges of growing technology companies.

Cashflow is critical whether you’re investing in R&D or expanding sales. Because the SR&ED program provides a refund, on average, 18 months after your first R&D expenditure, Venbridge will loan you the money to pay for the R&D engineers or expand your sales & marketing.

Considering the high cost of equity financing, debt financing is the perfect solution to many growing companies.

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