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SRED Financing

Venbridge’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Financing provides you with cash when you invest in R&D activities. Improve your cash flow and access your SR&ED now instead of waiting months for the CRA to process your claim.

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Flexible Terms


Receive funds in as little as 3 business days

Easy to Apply for Venture Debt


Timing of payments & duration of facility are flexible to suit your business needs

Bundled SR&ED consulting

Bundled SR&ED Consulting

We’ll take the work off your shoulders and maximize your government tax credits.


  • Loan size: From $100k to $1.5M
  • Fast: Receive funds in as little as 3 business days
  • Cost effective: There is a cost to the loan, but it is usually much less expensive than equity
  • Non-dilutive: Don’t lose equity to grow your business
  • Simple: Standard loan documentation that is easy to understand
  • Interest is accrued and paid only when the loan is repaid


  • Term loans are repaid when the CRA issues a notice of assessment. Revolving loans continue in perpetuity and allow you to borrow against both your filed and accrued SR&ED
  • Light covenants


  • Minimum $100,000 SR&ED claim or $15,000 per month in SR&ED-eligible expenditures
  • A two-year (or more) track record of SR&ED filing
  • If you don’t have significant revenue, we want to see significant investment in the company
  • SR&ED is refundable
  • Venbridge has a first priority security on the SR&ED and a general security agreement

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Flexible Financing


The Venbridge team was incredibly fast at getting us a term sheet while other banks would take weeks or not at all. They were very responsive to questions with straight-forward answers, and clear and fair terms. We’ve now used Venbridge 3 times for tax credit lending we’ve received and successfully paid off.

Andy Stack, ArcturusXR

Estimate your SR&ED claim

SRED Calculator
SR&ED Financing Canada

There are three questions that determine eligibility

  1. What scientific or technological uncertainties did you attempt to overcome?
  2. What work did you perform to overcome the scientific of technological uncertainties?
  3. What scientific or technological advancements did you achieve?

How to file a successful SR&ED claim

  1. Clearly define the answer to question #1 and demonstrate that the solution was not readily available.
  2. Document the steps and time you took to address the issue.
SR&ED Financing

What can I use my SR&ED Financing for?

Each company we have worked with used their SR&ED financing to invest in a different area. You can choose to use the additional funds to:

  • Re-invest in research and development
  • Accelerate product development
  • Launch your product in new markets
  • Hire new employees and meet your payroll
  • Take your sales and marketing to the next level
  • Get into a stronger position while preparing for an equity raise

At Venbridge, we believe that you, as a founder, know where you need to invest better than anyone. This is why we place light covenants on our loans, to empower you to make the decision that makes sense to you and grow your tech company your way without losing equity.

SR&ED Financing

SR&ED is your asset

SR&ED is one of a few assets a technology company can leverage for financing. At Venbridge, we understand the challenges of growing technology companies.

Cashflow is critical whether you are investing in R&D or expanding sales and marketing. Because the SR&ED program provides a refund, on average, 18 months after your first R&D expenditure, Venbridge will loan you the money to pay for the R&D engineers or expand your sales & marketing.

Considering the high cost of equity financing, debt financing is the perfect solution for many growing companies.

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