5 Vancouver Startups to Watch in 2023

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Reading time: 6 minutes. Vancouver has an abundance of talent in tech. Thanks to the mild climate, tempting array of options for foodies, and top-tier education, the city has attracted its share of startups and founders alike. In fact, Vancouver held the title of most startups per capita in 2017. Although Toronto/Waterloo has since regained its place atop … Read more

5 Canadian Fintech Startups To Watch in 2023

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Reading time: 6 minutes. The fintech industry has seen its share of growth in recent years. Despite a tumultuous global economy, investor interest in the space has remained steady. Global fintech funding reached $75B in 2022, and a report by KPMG suggests Canadian fintech investors remain optimistic about the future.  This is no surprise. At its … Read more

5 Exit Strategies Founders Should Consider

5 exit strategies

Reading time: 5 minutes As a founder, you put in blood, sweat and tears into your company. And yet, you only make money when one of two things happen; your company becomes profitable or when you sell your share. For most startups, the focus in the first few years is on growth rather than profit, … Read more

4 Questions to Ask When Scaling your Tech Company

Questions To Ask When Scaling Your Tech Company

Reading time: 5 minutes Businesses go through many stages throughout their life. Startups can move incredibly quickly between phases of development, growth, and preparation for the future. Although growth is a natural part of operating any business, scaling your company is what will help you take your ideas to the next level.  According to the … Read more

3 Winnipeg Startups to Watch in 2023

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Reading time: 6 minutes. Winnipeg boasts friendly people, a lively arts scene, and plenty of noteworthy places to visit. However, in terms of young businesses, the province is experiencing what its leaders call a ‘startup drought.’ According to Manitoba Premier Heather Stephenson, previous administrations ignored the lack of venture capital in Manitoba over nearly two decades. … Read more

5 Calgary Startups to Watch in 2022

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Reading time: 5 minutes Yeehaw, or yahoo? While Calgarians may be divided on the right way to show enthusiasm during the city’s annual Stampede, there’s no debating Calgary’s startup scene. With an increasing number of tech companies setting up shop in the downtown core and early stage investment in the city’s startups experiencing exponential growth, Calgary … Read more

5 Halifax Startups to Watch in 2022

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Reading time: 5 minutes Halifax’s bubbling startup scene has started to draw the attention of both investors and tech talent on the national stage. It boasts affordable real estate, scenic landscapes, and tons of exceptional talent from its nearby universities. This ‘hidden gem’ in Canada’s startup scene quietly became the fifth largest tech hub in the country in … Read more

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