We offer non-dilutive venture debt, SR&ED financing, and SR&ED consulting services. Venbridge allows you to maximize your government tax incentives, better manage cash flow, and invest more in the areas you need.

SR&ED financing, grants, & digital media financing

Our most popular service. No more waiting months after you incur expenses for your refund. Simple application process and quick turnaround. We will finance your filed or accrued tax credits. We will even prepare and submit your tax credit application as part of our services. Whether you’re looking for a bridge loan or a line of credit, we have the financing to help you grow.

recurring revenue financing for SaaS companies

Why dilute your position with equity when you can fund your business with debt? Venbridge’s SaaS financing is specifically designed to fund the growth of companies with strong monthly recurring revenues (MRR). We provide credit facilities of $250,000 to $1 million to SaaS companies with $30,000 and up MRR.

bridge to equity

Need a bridge loan to extend your runway? Signed an LOI but want more time to negotiate?  Venbridge will provide fast and effective loan to bridge you to your equity round.

Bridge to equity financing

Simple. Quick. Effective.

Easy to Apply for Venture Debt

Easy to Apply

Simply complete a few questions and Venbridge will be able to conditionally approve your financing within 2 days.

Flexible Terms

Flexible Terms

The timing of the payments, duration of the facility, as well as many other terms are flexible.

Unlock The Savings

Unlock The Savings

On average, it takes 11 months to receive a SR&ED refund. With Venbridge’s SR&ED Financing you receive a refund every quarter thereby improving cash flow.

Bundled SR&ED consulting

Bundled SR&ED Consulting

Our expert consultants take the work off your shoulders to determine how to maximize government tax credits.

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