How CEO Kyle Campbell Used SR&ED Financing to Improve Cashflow

how ctoai used sred financing to manage cash flow

When you realize that 300 billion dollars are lost in developer productivity every year, you have to find a solution. That’s what Kyle Campbell set out to accomplish when he started, an intelligent developer operations solution startup based in Vancouver that helps companies measure and optimize the impact of their product innovation cycles. After … Read more

VIDEO: How Venbridge Helped Wicket Accelerate Commercialization Efforts

wicket 21.logo

Wicket is revolutionizing the Association Management Software space as the first-ever Member Data Platform (MDP). Wicket is an association’s system of truth for membership data by integrating with all their favourite software tools, maintain a persistent member record, processing membership dues, and tracking member engagement touchpoints. Wicket’s goal is to empower associations to make data-informed decisions.

Wicket knew there had to be a better way to integrate software. They also knew there had to be a better way to grow than to dilute ownership by raising equity. And that’s when they turned to Venbridge. Venbridge worked with Wicket in 2018 and provided them with SR&RED financing. Watch what Jeff Horne, Co-founder and CEO, had to say about his experience with Venbridge.

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