Growth Capital

venture debt financing

Looking to grow your business without giving away more equity?
Need cash to fuel R&D, marketing or sales?
Seasonality causing a cash flow crunch?
Don’t want to dilute your equity?

venture debt to
suit your needs

Line of Credit for tech companies

Line of Credit

  • Options for SR&ED, Digital Media and some Grant Financing.
  • The more tax credits you accrue (more you spend on qualifying projects), the higher your line of credit.
  • As your business grows and as the year progresses, you have more money to draw from.
  • The facility is very flexible as you can repay all or part at any time, can draw up to your maximum at any time and has flexible interest payments.
  • Simple and secure application procedure.
Term Loan from Venbridge

Term Loan

  • For companies looking for short term debt to add to their capital structure.
  • Typically 3 to 18 months.
  • Typically repaid when the government tax credit is issued.
  • Adding debt to the balance sheet is the most cost effective form of raising short-term capital for many technology companies.  SR&ED, grants and corporate tax refunds are the most common assets for term loans.
  • The beauty about these loans is the simplicity.  A short on-line application, electronic loan approval, funding within 5
    to 10 days and no interest payments as an option allow you to focus on growing your business.
  • Simple and secure application procedure.
Flexible Terms

Recurring Revenue

  • Typically applies to Software as a Service companies but can be used by any company with recurring revenue that has a track record and is “sticky.”
  • Venbridge offers 5 to 8 times your average monthly recurring revenue as a line of credit.
  • As your company grows and you acquire more customers, so does your available credit.
  • Instead of taking expensive and dilutive equity financing, take advantage of debt financing to grow your business.