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Saas MRR Financing

What is SaaS Financing?

For Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, recurring revenue financing provides capital in multiples of the portion of revenue that is predictable and stable. Improve your cash flow, extend your runway, and invest in growth all while keeping your company yours. Watch your revenue grow as you repay your loan.

Benefits of Software as a Service Financing

Up to 8x MRR

Access up to 8x your monthly recurring revenue. Pay back on a fixed schedule or % of your revenue

No Dilution

Stay in charge of your business and maintain a cost-effective capital structure


Your line of credit grows with your revenue. Pay us back whenever you want with no early-payment penalties

How SaaS MRR Financing Works

Apply online to qualify for $100k to $2M

Get funded within 2 days of approval

Terms ranging from 1 to 3 years

Why Venbridge

We support you every step of the way. With our flexible SaaS financing, YOU are in charge of your funding. Extend your runway, invest in sales and marketing, or hire more talent all while retaining ownership of your company. With less dilution, your payout will bigger when it’s time to exit.


Receive your funding in 2 days from approval.


Venture debt is less expensive than venture capital. Plus, we offer the best rates in Canada.


Quarterly disbursements, a line of credit that grows with your MRR, and flexible repayment options that work for you.


Don't give away a piece of your company in order to grow


Our term sheets are easy to understand and have very light covenants to keep you in control of your business.

Light Covenants

You get to decide how the money is best spent

Who We Fund

Monthly revenue >$30k

Annual revenue growth >25%

Low customer churn​

Path​ to profitability

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