Partner Feature: Provocative Workshops for SaaS Companies

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From our friends at Espresso Capital. As a salesperson, one of the greatest challenges you face is trying to get buyers over the line. Often, the key to doing so is helping them not only understand your technology and the benefits it can bring, but also the potential implications of maintaining the status quo and doing nothing. And while that might be easy enough for technology that’s well established, if your solution is less well understood, or solves a problem most companies don’t even realize they have, it’s a very different story.

That’s where provocative workshops come in. These highly structured meetings are an opportunity to talk directly with your potential customers at a critical point in the decision-making process. Typically that’s when a prospect is already well into your sales funnel but needs a nudge to help drive internal consensus and ultimately convert into a paying customer. The idea is to help these companies understand the power of your solution and the value it can bring to their business.

Visit Espresso Capital for a high-level overview of some of the steps involved in ensuring that these workshops are a success for a SaaS model.

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