Business Loans for Canadian Startups 101

Business Loans for Canadian Startups 101

Reading time: 6 minutes. Running out of cash is one of the biggest reasons startups fail. Starting a business takes capital, and for many founders, the first step in executing your big idea is finding a way to access the funds. Whether you’re bootstrapping from your basement or taking out a loan, how you plan … Read more

A Quick Guide to SR&ED Eligible Expenses  

A quick guide to SR&ED eligible expenses

Reading time: 5 minutes. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit is one of the oldest and well sought-after credits provided by The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) across Canada. With over 20,000 claims filed yearly valued at more than four billion dollars, the SR&ED Tax Credit is fundamental in creating jobs, building new facilities, … Read more

3 Ways To Maximize the Amount of Your SR&ED Loan

Maximize The Amount of Your SR&ED Loan

Reading time: 4 minutes The top reason to maximize your SR&ED loan is to reinvest that capital into R&D, sales, or marketing to take your company to the next level. By growing your company faster, you have a greater chance of beating the competition and becoming more profitable. The size of your SR&ED loan depends … Read more

SR&ED Tax Credit Guide for SaaS Companies

SR&ED for SaaS companies

Reading time: 5 minutes. SaaS (Software as a Service) firms are one of the fastest expanding parts of the global economy. They have transformed the way software companies sell today. Many of the most valuable tech companies in the world are SaaS companies because they have the potential to grow quickly with high gross margins.  … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a SR&ED Consultant

Hiring a SR&ED Consultant

Choosing the right SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) consultant, getting the best price, getting the best service and having a successful relationship are keys to a successful claim. This guide will explain the areas to look for, questions to ask, and ways to evaluate a good fit. It will also walk you through what … Read more

How Much Will Government Support Affect SR&ED Claims

SRED claims reduced due to government support for COVID-19

Reading time: 3 minutes You should plan for a smaller SR&ED claim if you’re utilizing many of the government COVID-19 support programs. Since COVID-19 plagued the economy, the Canadian government has stepped in to help businesses cope with the economic impacts of the pandemic. Programs such as the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), IRAP, Regional Relief … Read more

Will The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Crush Your SR&ED Claim?

Canadian Emergency Wage subsidy VS. SR&ED

Reading time: 2 minutes Since the government announced the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), questions on whether it will have an effect on the amount that can be claimed for SR&ED have arisen. As of today, it is unclear if CEWS will have no effect, little effect, or devastating effects on SR&ED claims. The Canadian … Read more

Partner Feature: Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Software Development in SR&ED

From our friends at The Ingenuity Group: The development of software is the subject of considerable debate at the CRA and, more generally, there is confusion about what does and does not qualify for SR&ED within this area. When applying for SRED tax credits the applicant must specify a field of science or technology using CRA specific codes. This … Read more

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