SR&ED Tax Credit Guide for SaaS Companies

SR&ED for SaaS companies

Reading time: 5 minutes. SaaS (Software as a Service) firms are one of the fastest expanding parts of the global economy. They have transformed the way software companies sell today. Many of the most valuable tech companies in the world are SaaS companies because they have the potential to grow quickly with high gross margins.  … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a SR&ED Consultant

Hiring a SR&ED Consultant

Choosing the right SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) consultant, getting the best price, getting the best service and having a successful relationship are keys to a successful claim. This guide will explain the areas to look for, questions to ask, and ways to evaluate a good fit. It will also walk you through what … Read more

How Much Will Government Support Affect SR&ED Claims

SRED claims reduced due to government support for COVID-19

Reading time: 3 minutes You should plan for a smaller SR&ED claim if you’re utilizing many of the government COVID-19 support programs. Since COVID-19 plagued the economy, the Canadian government has stepped in to help businesses cope with the economic impacts of the pandemic. Programs such as the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), IRAP, Regional Relief … Read more

Partner Feature: Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Software Development in SR&ED

From our friends at The Ingenuity Group: The development of software is the subject of considerable debate at the CRA and, more generally, there is confusion about what does and does not qualify for SR&ED within this area. When applying for SRED tax credits the applicant must specify a field of science or technology using CRA specific codes. This … Read more

Venbridge Insights: Innovation on The Rise in Canada? SR&ED Statistics Tell A Different Story

Reading time: 4 minutes. Hearing what leaders in Canada say about encouraging research and development, we should all think that Canada’s digital economy is rocketing along. Sadly, statistics on the number of SR&ED claims tell another story. The numbers show that the largest tax incentive program for R&D continues to decrease in popularity. In fact, … Read more

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