Venbridge provides bridge financing backed by SR&ED tax credits, grants or strong recurring revenue

A joint venture has been launched by online small business finance company, Merchant Advance Capital, and expert financing and tax consultant, Garron Helman. This new service will provide unique venture debt and consulting services to Canadian small and medium enterprises.

After completing a few questions online, Venbridge is able to conditionally approve financing within two days of application, and companies can receive a disbursement every quarter, thereby improving cash flow.  For most technology companies, the cost of Venbridge’s debt financing is much less expensive than raising additional equity.

Merchant Advance Capital will provide the funding source, back office support and key personnel to Venbridge. Founded in 2010, Merchant Advance Capital’s goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses grow.

Dave Gens, Chairman of Venbridge and CEO of Merchant Advance Capital, said: “Canada has over one million small and medium-sized corporations. They often go unnoticed, but in totality they generate hundreds of billions of dollars of economic activity, are great innovators and, above all else, provide millions of jobs. Venbridge will offer venture debt and consulting services to these companies to help them grow and innovate further, and I am delighted that Merchant Advance Capital will provide the funding source.”

The CEO of Venbridge, Garron Helman, is an expert in government tax credits and financing. He has helped grow hundreds of companies by offering millions of dollars in funding and overseeing thousands of tax credit filings.

Garron Helman, said: “Venbridge can provide critical cash to support the growth of Canada’s SMEs. I am delighted to work with Merchant Advance Capital on Venbridge. Together, we are stronger by offering a full suite of solutions to Canada’s small and medium enterprises.”

About Venbridge

Venbridge offers non-dilutive venture debt, consulting services, digital media financing, revenue financing for SaaS companies, and corporate tax financing to all Canadian companies to allow them to maximize their government tax incentives, better manage cash flow, and invest more in key areas.

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About Merchant Advance Capital

Merchant Advance Capital is one of Canada’s leading online business finance companies on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. They leverage technology and data science to reduce risk and provide more control, lower fees and flexible repayment schedules. Merchant Advance Capital was founded in 2010 and has now grown to include offices in Toronto and Vancouver and serves clients Canada-wide.

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