5 Montreal Startups to Watch in 2021

5 Montreal Startups to Watch in 2021

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Quebec has always contributed to Canada’s diversity, culture and economy. From maple syrup to cutting-edge technology and with Montreal as a hub for the bustling technology scene, many creative and adept founders are building startups that are disrupting industries around the world.. Here are 5 startups to pay attention to as we enter 2021.

1. My Intelligent Machines

Founded in 2016 in Montreal, My Intelligent Machines -AKA MIMS- offers a SaaS platform that allows companies to use artificial intelligence and big data to maximize their R&D efforts. With a focus on life sciences, the MIMsOMIC platform manages massive amounts of knowledge using AI and machine learning algorithms to identify trends and unlock insights that help companies maximize food and drug production.

MIMS has announced a $2.6 million seed round in September 2019.

2. Felix & Paul Studios

As one of Canada’s cultural and artistic centres, it’s no surprise that Montreal is the headquarters of Felix and Paul Studios; an EMMY award-winning film studio that specializes in virtual reality. Named after its founders; Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, the startup uses a cutting edge technology platform coupled with creative vision to produce immersive experiences.

Since its founding in 2013, Felix & Paul Studios has collaborated with the Obama’s, Bill Clinton, and Cirque du Soleil among other powerhouses. With the VR industry expected to reach over 48 billion USD by 2022, Felix & Paul Studios announced a 6.8 million USD Series A round in 2018.

3. BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI combines deep learning, cloud-based computing and autonomous decision making to allow buildings to self-operate. BrainBox’s Ai collects hundreds of thousands of data points, such as outside temperature and the positioning of clouds and the sun among others. It then directs the building’s HVAC operations for optimal efficiency; reducing energy consumption by 25% and reducing carbon footprint by 40%.

In the midst of the pandemic, Brainbox AI announced a $12 million CAD pre-Series A round in April 2020.

4. Carebook Technologies

Carebook is a digital pharmacy platform that is built around patients. If you’ve used a pharmacy app recently, it’s likely to be one of Carebook’s white-label solutions such as Rexall’s Be Well app. Carebook’s solution allows patients to be proactive about their health needs. It also allows pharmacy businesses to reduce development costs, access markets more quickly, and engage customers more effectively.

As the company navigates through COVID-19, it’s been named as one of Canada’s top SME Employers by Mediacorp Canada in June 2020 as it helped employees work safely and comfortably from home.

5. Unito

Founded in 2015, Unito is a workflow management software that allows organizations to integrate the different SaaS applications they use. Since different teams use different tools, Unito provides customizable workflows that allow teams the flexibility to use the tools they need while maintaining alignment across the board. The solution also eases collaboration and allows managers to monitor and control all those different aspects.

In January 2020, Unito announced a $10.5 million Series A allowing it to grow towards its mission of becoming the “universal translator” for disparate tools.

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