Venbridge named to the 2019 Canadian Lenders Association Top 25 Companies in Lending

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Toronto, Ontario–( November 22, 2019) – Venbridge Ltd. (“Venbridge” or the “Company”) is thrilled to be among the winners of the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA) Top 25 Companies in Lending in 2019. As the voice of Canada’s lending ecosystem, the CLA works to advance and elevate all aspects of the industry including innovation, best practice, … Read more

VIDEO: How Venbridge Helped Wicket Accelerate Commercialization Efforts

Wicket is revolutionizing the Association Management Software space as the first-ever Member Data Platform (MDP). Wicket is an association’s system of truth for membership data by integrating with all their favourite software tools, maintain a persistent member record, processing membership dues, and tracking member engagement touchpoints. Wicket’s goal is to empower associations to make data-informed decisions.

Wicket knew there had to be a better way to integrate software. They also knew there had to be a better way to grow than to dilute ownership by raising equity. And that’s when they turned to Venbridge. Venbridge worked with Wicket in 2018 and provided them with SR&RED financing. Watch what Jeff Horne, Co-founder and CEO, had to say about his experience with Venbridge.

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Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning in the World of Finance

What is machine learning? In the most general terms, machine learning is a specialized branch of artificial intelligence mixed with the latest advancements in data science. It is a particular application of AI – a method of analyzing data that automates the building of analytical models. The basic principle of machine learning is that systems … Read more

3 Things In Biotech You Should Learn Today

3 Things In Biotech You Should Learn Today What Is Biotechnology? If you follow the stock market, then you probably already know that ‘biotech’ stocks are on the rise. Biotechnology is a big buzzword these days across diverse fields such as industrial manufacturing, plant and animal agricultural sectors, medicine, fertility, and pharmaceutical therapies. The term’s … Read more

Is The Future of Cannabis Tied To Blockchain?

Is the Future of the Canadian Cannabis Industry Tied to Blockchain Technology? The Cannabis Act of Canada The passing of the Cannabis Act earlier this summer marks a turning point for the burgeoning recreational cannabis industry. As the legalization date of October 17 inches closer, sales figures for the cannabis market’s first year are already … Read more

What Else Can We Do With Blockchain?

Before 2008, mainly in the nineties, there were many attempts to create digital money but all of them failed. In late 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto (who is basically the father of bitcoin) succeeded in his mission in building a digital cash system. This he achieved by building a system with decentralized control (blockchain), which is a … Read more

Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Have you applied for the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership? Back in February, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay brought forward a few new programs under the brand new Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), which was launched on April 1st. The CAP is a $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial agreement that replaces Growing Forward 2 (GF2). For those of you who … Read more

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