Accelerating Innovation: Why SR&ED Tax Credits are a Game-Changer for Canadian Businesses

Accelerating Innovation: Why SR&ED Tax Credits are a Game-Changer for Canadian Businesses

Reading time: 4 minutes. One of the biggest challenges companies in Canada face when it comes to pursuing research and development (R&D) is securing adequate funding to facilitate operations. While ample grants, loans and even equity-based options are available, one of the most beneficial, non-dilutive avenues for scientific and technological-based initiatives to consider is the Scientific Research … Read more

Should You Consider Venture Debt Financing in 2023?

Should You Consider Venture Debt Financing In 2023?

Reading time: 4 minutes. After wrapping up Q1 of 2023, businesses across Canada face the continued question of how best to fund their Research and Development (R&D) initiatives. With a particularly aggressive market demanding more businesses and a notable slowdown in venture capitalist funding, leveraging government-available funding like the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program (SRED) … Read more

Should My Company Take Advantage Of Venture Debt?

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Reading time: 5 minutes Venture debt is a great alternative financing option that, according to Faskins, was on track for a record high of $543M in Q3 of 2022. And with the market for venture capital growing tremendously, it’s no surprise that venture debt is also growing alongside it. Many venture-backed startups, SaaS companies, and … Read more

The Complete Guide to Venture Debt

complete guide to venture debt in canada

One of the biggest concerns founders and CEOs have is raising capital to maintain runway until reaching profitability. Over the years, founders have often focused on venture capital and funding rounds. As a result, they frequently overlook venture debt as a way to boost their company’s finances. Simply put, when you raise capital you are … Read more