Partner Feature: 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Raising Venture Debt

4 questions you should ask before raising venture debt

From our friends at Espresso Capital: As a founder or CEO, you may be considering venture debt as a way to access the capital you need to extend your runway during these uncertain times. Usually a term loan or line of credit, venture debt is a form of non-dilutive financing that complements equity. It’s often used to help businesses … Read more

The Complete Guide to Venture Debt

Complete guide to venture debt in Canada

One of the biggest concerns founders and CEOs have is raising capital to maintain runway until profitability is reached. Over the years, founders have often focused on venture capital and funding rounds. This means that venture debt could be overlooked as a way of boosting a company’s finances. Simply put, when you raise capital you … Read more

5 Most Common Reasons For Using Venture Debt

Reading time: 5 minutes Venture debt makes up almost 10% of the venture capital market. And with the market for venture capital growing tremendously – US$75.6 billion invested globally across 9100 deals in the third quarter of 2019 alone – it’s no surprise that venture debt itself is also growing with it. As an alternative to traditional debt financing, … Read more

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