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We specialize in security selection for Canadian and global investment portfolios. Our discipline and proprietary research avoids investment trends or fashion and creates long-term value for our portfolios. Canso Investment Counsel is one of the country’s largest and most experienced speciality managers of corporate bond portfolios with over $24 billion assets under management.Canso Investment Counsel provides portfolio management services to institutional and private investors. We believe that disciplined investment management, applied consistently over long periods, delivers investment success. The Canso aircraft, our namesake, first flew in the 1930s. Over its many years of service it has earned a reputation for rugged reliability in both war and peace. Our focus on investment research and analysis might not be as exciting or popular at times as other ways of managing money. Like the legendary endurance and range of the Canso, it consistently adds value to our portfolios in the turbulence of the financial markets.



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Name: John Carswell
Title: President

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