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Third Eye Capital is one of Canada’s leading alternative capital providers to good businesses undergoing change or special situations. We provide a unique combination of tailored financing and value-added operational expertise so that our portfolio companies have the full backing of our resources, relationships, and experience. We champion your success and help get you to your business milestones quickly and with confidence.We have experienced the challenges of financing a business first-hand. Our founders have felt the pain of rejection from conventional lenders who were unable or otherwise unwilling to see the potential of their ventures. But that also taught us the sources of value creation and recognizing the patterns that can make a business successful. We have walked in your shoes and provide financing from your point of view.Good companies should not be judged on their financial performance alone. And a company’s most valuable assets often do not appear on the balance sheet. We help you monetize your hidden assets with financing that is not focused on just your historical earnings.Succeeding in business is not easy even when capital is available. Growing sales, managing costs, and retaining people, while trying to innovate and stay ahead of the competition at the same time, can be daunting and downright demanding. We possess a business “know-how” that can only be gained through extensive experience in building businesses. We also wield broad and powerful networks to help companies accelerate their plans. We not only provide our capital but also the knowledge and networks that other lenders simply do not have.Companies have different financing needs and circumstances, so we tailor our terms to fit your unique situation. We spend time understanding your business and the industry in which you operate, in order to structure a unique financing solution that gives you the flexibility to achieve your next performance milestone. We do not impose superfluous covenants, aggressive payment terms, or other default traps. We stay involved for as long as you need us, and measure our performance by your success.The entrepreneurship legacy of our founders has been the realization of value in all kinds of challenging situations. That requires quick decisions, resolute action, and driven execution. Our experience and decision-making structure allows us to solve financing problems with speed and energy so that you can quickly and effectively seize opportunities, eliminate threats, and realize your business potential.



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Consumer, ICT




Name: Dev Bhangui
Title: Principal

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