Webinar: How to Boost your Company’s Finances with SR&ED

Boost your companys finances with SRED

Overview: Government support programs for companies impacted by COVID-19 may have eased the financial strain on many Canadian technology startups, but as the third quarter of the year begins, companies should be planning for the, in many cases, the unexpected effect of these programs on their SR&ED position beyond the pandemic. Understanding how government support … Read more

Webinar: Raising Capital During COVID-19

raising capital during covid

Raising capital is no easy feat for startups on a normal day, but with COVID-19 disrupting the economy, it’s trickier than ever. To help you power through this process, a panel of fundraising experts from Venture Capitalists, M&A Advisors, Venture Debt Providers, and Government will speak on a webinar presented by Fasken and Venbridge on … Read more

Webinar: Navigating Government Support for COVID-19

dmz webinar navigating government support

The government has put many programs in place to support companies as we all try to get through COVID-19 and its economic effects. In this webinar facilitated by Venbridge and the DMZ, a panel of experts from the BDC and Logan Katz will break down these programs, who qualifies, and how to apply so you … Read more

Webinar: Protecting Your Business During Pandemics

Protecting your business against pandemics 1

Pandemics occur every twenty to forty years. While business continuity management is well underway at most organizations, these are unique times and more planning is crucial for business survival.

In this webinar Frontline physicians and experts from Stanford, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine & Mt. Sinai explain the virus, its trajectory and the most likely effect on society in the near future.

Funders, investors and business leaders discuss both the business and human aspects of this threat, as well as cover steps for adapting to the new normal, crisis management solutions, financing and government support, and give tips on how you can leverage technology for business success in these unchartered waters.

On the agenda:

  • Navigating difficult times.
  • Remote work best practices.
  • Financial relief and government support programs.
  • SR&ED as a source of cash.
  • What you need to do to ensure financial strength in the changing credit markets.
  • What to do if your clients’ business is negatively impacted
  • Should you focus on R&D, sales, or conserve cash?
  • How to watch your cash position and do more with less

We may be self-isolating, but no one should navigate COVD-19 alone. If you’re expecting a cash crunch for your startup, we can help you with non-dilutive financing to get you through this tough phase. Email [email protected] to discuss how non-dilutive venture debt can help scale your company’s operations