Get Started on Your SR&ED Advance Today with Venbridge!

Get Started on Your SR&ED Advance Today with Venbridge!

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The Canadian Revenue Agency’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program was developed to provide Canadian businesses with tax incentives to invest in research and development projects. This program is one of Canada’s largest federally funded programs, and it helps countless companies develop their innovative ideas, products, services and processes. The SR&ED program benefits not only businesses that file for these tax credits but also Canada as a whole, as it helps the country grow economically and furthers its global competitiveness. If your company is eligible for SR&ED tax credits, you’re also eligible for SR&ED financing with Venbridge. Continue reading to learn more about SR&ED financing and why you should partner with Venbridge. 

Why You Should Choose SR&ED Financing

While the SR&ED program is a reliable way for companies to recapture R&D costs, it, unfortunately, has some drawbacks. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers this program and is cautious when handing out taxpayers’ money. However, because of this guarded approach, SR&ED refunds can take significant time to be issued. SR&ED tax credits are paid after businesses file their income tax returns at year-end. But even then, it can take several months for your refund to be received. Fortunately, Venbridge has a solution for this! If you’ve already qualified for the SR&ED tax credit, your company can pursue an SR&ED advance. Next are four reasons to choose SR&ED financing with Venbridge.

Recieve Your Funds Faster

In businesses, timing is everything. At Venbridge, we can help you access your SR&ED capital faster, thus allowing you to rev up your growth and research and development (R&D) projects. Once you apply for an SR&ED advance with Venbridge, our team will evaluate your application and work quickly to approve it. Once approved, you may receive your first SR&ED advance in as little as three days. 

Predictable Funding on a Schedule

Once you receive your first SR&ED advance from Venbridge, you can receive the entire amount in a single disbursement or set up quarterly disbursements. Then at the end of the financial year, your company will file your T2 corporate income tax return along with your T661 form and the related Federal and Provincial R&D schedules as usual. Repayment is made directly from the CRA refund once it’s been issued. 

Founder-Friendly, Non-Dilutive Capital

Obtaining funding for your company without relinquishing your business shares can be challenging. That’s why SR&ED financing with Venbridge is a great option! With Venbridge, you don’t have to sell any equity in your business. Instead, you control your shares with our founder-friendly, non-dilutive capital!

The Simple Option for Securing Capital

At Venbridge, we help founders scale their companies through non-dilutive venture debt. We aim to empower your company by helping you maximize your government tax incentives, manage cash flow, and invest in the areas you depend on. Our team makes receiving your SR&ED advance as quick and easy as possible. So avoid the headaches associated with securing capital traditionally, and use Venbridge instead!

Venbridge is Here to Help Fund Your Growth

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development program was developed to help Canadian businesses grow and make significant advances in scientific and technological research.

At Venbridge, we’re here to help your business reach your research and development goals, continue your growth, and move innovation forward.

Let our team assist you with any questions, and partner with us to receive your SR&ED advance sooner rather than waiting! So if your company is planning to file or has already filed for the SR&ED tax credit incentive, contact Venbridge right away!

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