DIY SR&ED: Money-saver or potential disaster?

Preparing an SR&ED tax incentive claim without the assistance of a consultant may appeal to many claimants. There are many RTAs (Research and Technology Advisors at the CRA) that will encourage “do-it-yourself” (DIY) SR&ED claims.

Consultant-Free SR&ED: The Benefits
  • More money for innovation
  • Everyone gets to know SR&ED
  • The CRA wants you to apply (on your own)
Consultant-Free SR&ED: The Drawbacks
  • Unique Skills Required
  • You must provide evidence, however, the CRA won’t define what’s acceptable in advance
  • Doing it yourself means you’re on your own if you’re reviewed

Each of the items listed above has more details and a breakdown on Here is a link to the blog post in its entirety:

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