5 Montreal Startups to Watch in 2021

5 Montreal Startups to Watch in 2021

1. My Intelligent Machines Founded in 2016 in Montreal, My Intelligent Machines -AKA MIMS- offers a SaaS platform that allows companies to use artificial intelligence and big data to maximize their R&D efforts. With a focus on life sciences, the MIMsOMIC platform manages massive amounts of knowledge using AI and machine learning algorithms to identify … Read more

Six Tech Startups to Watch in Winnipeg

Reading time: 4 minutes The brick warehouses of Winnipeg’s Exchange District are attracting some serious buzz as the tech sector heats up all over Canada. Maybe it’s because the city has committed to attracting more tech talent and growing its startup scene in the city. The dual attractions of a world-class engineering school (the University of … Read more

Made in Saskatchewan: 6 Exciting Startups

Reading time: 4 minutes Saskatchewan’s tech scene is booming, with the cities of Regina and Saskatoon fueling both growth and diversity in the province. With each city offering unique selling features – everything from affordability to short commutes – talent from across the country is heading to the province to work with exciting startups. Interesting … Read more

Three Booming Canadian AI Startups

Reading time: 5 minutes To some in the tech industry, Canada’s recent Artificial Intelligence boom seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. However, Canada’s AI goldrush traces back to the late 1980s when Yoshua Bengio came up with the idea of software which processes data in a similar way to the neurons of the human brain. The … Read more

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